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Vibrant Places Inc. Rethinking Cities + Neighbourhoods          


Affordable Housing + Economics Connection

Vibrant Places Inc., Rethinking Cities + Neighbourhoods, is a socio-economic, problem solving response to the interlinked affordable housing and local economic/jobs crisis, a cutting edge US NGO strategy, which tackles both simultaneously at the neighbourhood scale. 

Through the urban design/planning lens, Vibrant Places Inc., Rethinking Cities + Neighbourhoods, has been researching and updating the global award winning, walkable green strategies of the "Vancouver Achievement"  in the post-covid context, incorporating the thinking of the late urbanist, Jane Jacobs, where "the genesis of cities is commerce", as the equity foundations of civil society have been increasingly tested, clearly demonstrated by the pandemic. 


Cities + Neighbourhoods as Vibrant Work-Play Hubs

Vibrant Places Inc. is rethinking cities + neighbourhoods as integrated vibrant hubs for socio-economic resiliency in the built environment, problem solving for post-covid equity, the climate crisis and e-retail  impacts on local small businesses.



Neighbourhood-Scale Economic Vibrancy + Public Spaces 

Vibrant Places Inc., Rethinking Cities + Neighbourhoods provides community-based place-making, public space/architectural urban design expertise, as well as local , small business/economic development skills, through the urban planning and policy lens.

Small businesses employ over 65% of Canadians and are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Small businesses are also the backbone of vibrant neighbourhoods as they provide "third places" and/or outdoor public living rooms along streetscapes, places where neighbours can meet through happenstance, to build community, enhancing social connectedness. With the existing loneliness trends, and adding to  the mix, the social media isolation effects,  the pandemic has highlighted how important people-oriented, "sticky" public spaces where neighbours  stay awhile,  are for  social resiliency, a key component for an attractive community profile for new and up & coming businesses looking to relocate and/or expand.

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