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RETHINKING Cities + Neighbourhoods


The impacts of Covid were  eye opening, testing our economic and social resiliency. The nightly traditional media, as well as social media, demonstrated that a large minority of Canadians were only a paycheque away from either hunger or homelessness, in a G-8 country with one of the highest levels of post-secondary education. It was not a one-off human interest story, it was the only story or lesson learned on local economic conditions and affordable housing that the pandemic  had inadvertently shone a bright light on. 

With cities being Canada's economic engine, housing  over 80% in urban centres,  and small businesses employing 65% of Canadians, the success of cities and small businesses as vibrant incubators of innovation is the success of the future of Canada.

Vibrant Places Inc. Rethinking Cities + Neighbourhoods was founded to provide cities and small business expertise, insights and policy to find the right local levers for a more equitable social and economic recovery, essential for obtaining "social license" for the required changes in implementing climate solutions. 

Past Principal, Cityscape Design Inc. 

Cityscape Design Inc.  provided private sector development planning and urban design services, including feasibility studies and rezoning processes. Selected  projects can be found here

Past Principal, Urbanitas Consulting Inc. 

+ PIBC Award winning launch project, "Visually Enhanced Zoning Bylaw for the

   City of  New Westminster "

+ Sessional Instructor, Architecture & Urban Design, History of Art, former Royal Oak College,

   Vancouver, B.C..

+ Consulting Founding Executive Director, Smart Growth Canada Network  

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